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Tablets replace laptops. Best price for a tablet: “£250” says YouGov poll

One in twelve tablet owners bought a tablet to replace or instead of a destop PC, laptop or netbook, according to research by YouGov.

From over 4,000 respondents, 76% bought their tablet in addition to a computer, but customers set totransfer  their web browsing and internet needs to a simpler lighter tablet is set to increase- especially due to increased numbers of newer Android tablets expected to arrive in 2011.

According to the survery, 13% are seriously considering buying a tablet, with over two thirds of these surveyed already knowing which tablet they intend to get. (Probably an iPad.)

YouGov expect that tablets will explode once the price arrives at around £250, through price modelling analysis. (They used similar modelling to predict the rise of e-readers like the Kindle around the £100 mark.)

YouGov’s Russell Feldman, Associate Director for Technology and Telecoms, commented on the findings: “At the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, earlier this year, over 80 tablets were announced for launch later in 2011. YouGov expects most of these tablets to fail to achieve widespread distribution.

“However, our analysis clearly demonstrates that if the pricing is right and the device is marketed at the correct audience, then there is significant latent demand.”

Would you ever substitute your laptop for a tablet? We’re not too sure ourselves. Let us know below in the comments.


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