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Take it easy, riders: Bringing your iPhone on a motorbike could ruin its camera

Be careful if you like to tear it up on two wheels, as the vibrations could wreak havoc with your precious iPhone’s camera system.

Apple released an official announcement on its website to warn customers that vibrations “like those generated by high-powered motorcycle engines” may damage the camera system on iPhones.

According to the manufacturer, the Optical Image Stabilisation and closed-loop autofocus features are at particular risk from these vibrations, so repeated exposure could mean that your photos become more blurry and less sharp.

As a solution, Apple recommends that you use a vibration-dampening mount on a small-volume engine motorbike or electric scooter, rather than ever attaching it to a high-powered motorcycle. That might come as bad news to anyone who’s just celebrated the start of their mid-life crisis with a brand new Harley Davidson, but you wouldn’t want to damage that precious iPhone now, would you?

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It’s good to bear this timely advice in mind, seeing as Apple will very soon unveil its latest and greatest smartphone: the iPhone 13.

It’s reportedly going to boast an improved processor, along with design enhancements such as a reduced screen notch and a slimmed down camera bump. We expect to see it announced, possibly alongside a new Apple Watch and updated AirPods, at the Apple Event on 14 September.

So even if you’re tempted to buy all of those shiny new devices, just remember: leave the motorbike in the garage, and pedal on your pushbike instead. 





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