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Take Note: Samsung may be ditching its premium phablet line

According to this latest news, Samsung will stick with the S series of flagship smartphones, but ditch its range of Note phablets.

According to Reuters, Samsung are unlikely to release a new Samsung Galaxy Note device in 2021, in part due to “the sharp drop in demand for high-end smartphones due to the coronavirus pandemic.”

The figures quoted in the article, sourced by market research firm Counterpoint, clearly show that our desire for shiny new smartphones has significantly declined under lockdown, with sales of Samsung’s Note series predicted to fall by 20% to 8 million this year, while even sales of the popular S series are set to drop by 5 million to less than 30 million.

The Galaxy Note series distinguished itself from the competition with its massive screen and S-Pen stylus, although now that both of these features have been adopted by the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, perhaps the Note has outlived its usefulness.

In our review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, we praised the phone’s excellent camera and attractive design, along with the innovative S-Pen, but we found it to be extortionately pricey, with a couple of flaws to the processor (being Exynos rather than Snapdragon) and the display refresh rate (which is capped depending on the screen resolution.)

One of the sources which informed Reuters of the change indicated that the South Korean manufacturer’s Galaxy Fold range of foldable phones will be the target of development efforts instead. If this is indeed the case, we’re looking forward to Samsung storming ahead with this concept, and delivering a foldable phablet that captures the public imagination in a way that has so far proved elusive.




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