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Talkmobile: Unlimited internet on contracts starting at £12 a month

With all of the main networks besides Three clawing data back to 500MB as standard (unless you want to pay for more) it’s refreshing to see another network offering a deal with all you can eat internet is thrown in.

Talkmobile, a Carphone Warehouse-owned MVNO that uses Vodafone’s network, is now offering unlimited net access as well. Some of these contracts start at a super-affordable £12 a month.

These ‘Never Pay for the Internet’ deals see you picking up popular mid-rangers from last year like the HTC Wildfire and the Sony Ericsson X8 on £12 24 month deals. £12 on Talkmobile gets you 200 minutes and 200 texts next to your unlimited internet.

You can also pick up current smartphones like the Xperia Play and Incredible S for £30 a month on 24 month plans. These deals give you a meatier 750 minutes and 1500 texts a month, and the peace of mind that you won’t ever have to worry about data charges.

Incredibly, you can also get the dual-core LG Optimus 2X for just £50 on the same £30 unlimited data deal.

Pretty nice right? The only catch is that these contracts are only on offer for about a month.

You’ll be able to sign up for a Talkmobile unlimited internet deal from between the 6th of April (today) to the 4th of May. So if you’re interested, don’t dawdle.

Wile these plans give you unlimited internet access in the UK, you should note that roaming charges for when you’re abroad still apply. These work out at £2 per MB in EU destinations and £12 per MB elsewhere.

Full range of available phones and prices included below:

Update: Since publishing, Talkmobile got in touch with us regarding the prices of data roaming on these contracts. The relevant paragraph has been updated.


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