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Temple Run 2 now available on iOS and Android too

Temple Run 2 iconIt’s time to suit up, don your leather boots and once again take control of adventurer and explorer – Guy Dangerous as he has to navigate the twisting walkways, hazards and minecart tracks in order to escape with a new idol in Temple Run 2, now available for iOS and Android.

The original Temple Run from 2011 proved to be a massive hit on smartphones and tablets and its popularity has presently left it with 170 million downloads to date. Good news then, that developers Imangi Studios decided to whip together another dose of fast-paced, fast-footed action for mobile gamers.

First thing’s first, the formula is on the whole, the same. This time your temple runner’s adventure is set high in the clouds in what appears to be a sky temple for the most part, as opposed to the low swamps of the first game and alongside the new overall setting, the environments feel more diverse as well as offer more in the way of hazards to navigate.

TR2 1TR2 2TR2 3

This time around players need to avoid what can only be described as a giant undead gorilla (as opposed to a horde of smaller undead gorillas), along with more familiar elements from the first game. Walkways and bridges have fallen away or thinned out, fountains of flame and low lying masonry can also block your path, but now there are a number of new hazards to be aware of. Fast flowing rivers, waterfalls and even a spiky death wheel or two feature in this new temple.

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In order to combat these extra hazards that might put a stop to Guy’s escape, the game now plays host to in-game powerups which let the player modify how easily they can navigate the terrain or collect coins as well as the addition of a number of modifiers which can be bought by spending the coins collected on previous runs. Although previously it would require a purchase from the store to revive the player mid-run, players can now collect green gems which are available by beating achievements or by finding them throughout the world.

TR2 7

Every failed run presents you with a piece of artwork reflecting the means by which you met your demise, along with scores for distance, coins collected and multipliers achieved, but there’s also the option to purchase upgrades, change your character or add some abilities to kick your next round off with a bang.

Temple Run 2 improves on its predecessor in every way but never strays too far from the original mould. Fans from the first game will love the updates and newcomers should welcome the Indiana Jones-esq action. Available for free on iOS and launching today on Android too.


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