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Tesco goes for the ‘Grey Groat’, targets older customers with Doro Phone Easy 409s

Tesco have announced they’ll be bringing the easy-to-use, Doro Phone Easy 409s to stores this month.

Running on their own phone network, it’s bright colours and big keys are aimed at functionality, going for customers that may be put off by multi-buttoned, touch-screen complications.

Doro’s range of phones are very much ‘easy’- or barebones, depending on how you look at it. It’s a flip-top phone with no camera, but expect the battery performance to be top of the range.

(We uncovered a PhoneEasy 410 in the office, that’s its picture on the right. Sadly, the 409s doesn’t have such a ‘brave’ colour scheme.)

Good luck trying to get Youtube on this, although it does come loaded with both Twitter and Facebook widgets, if your Nana or Gramps is into their social networking.

David Taylor, from Tesco Mobile said: ‘We offer a wide selection of handsets and value for all consumers. We are delighted to offer shoppers who want a simple and easy to use phone this new handset, which we are sure will appeal to many people.’

Doro Phone Easy 409s has both an amplified ringer and hearing aid compatibility, take that iPhone, and is available now at Tesco’s website, priced at £59.97

Via: Mobile Today


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