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The Abandoned (iOS/Android) tips & tricks for surviving in the wasteland

The Abandoned game guide: Our walkthrough for this apocalyptic survival game is packed with tips and tricks for surviving the wasteland, including zombie combat hints, how to battle hunger and crafting the best possible tools and weapons.

The Abandoned tips and tricks: Mange your tasks

It’s a good idea at the start of the game to do exactly what the game tells you to do, or you’ll quickly become zombie food. Tasks pop up on screen, but you can check them out at any time by tapping the scroll icon at the top right corner of the screen.

The Quests tab contains info on your active tasks, while the Message Journal tab holds other messages and tips, so you can refresh your memory.

The Abandoned tips and tricks: Crafting weapons, tools, torches and more

Simple axes and picks are fine at the beginning, but try to make better ones as soon as possible. The basic axes and picks that you craft at the start of the game will expire after cutting several trees or breaking several stones, while more complicated tools will survive for much longer.

You can see a tool or weapon’s health in the icon at the top of the screen. The green bar will deplete as you swing, and when it disappears entirely, the item will break.

To craft a better weapon, tap the crafting icon in the top right coner of the screen, beside the backpack. As long as you have enough materials (which can be harvested from the wastelands by walking over them or cutting down trees and other plants), you can make tools, clothes, torches and other essential survival gear.

The Abandoned tips and tricks: Stay healthy and don’t go hungry

In the top left corner of the screen you’ll see three different meters, which represent your general wellbeing.

The first (marked with a heart) is your health. If this reaches zero, you be dead. Building a campfire and standing by it boosts your health, thankfully.

The second (marked with a stomach) is your hunger rating. As this approaches zero, you begin to starve, which affects your health and sanity.  One top tip: don’t let raw meat linger in your backpack, cook it asap. Roasted meat bumps your hunger meter back to healthy levels, improves your sanity level and has much longer shelf life. Also make sure you chop down roots and pick up apples whenever you see them, and roast them for maximum benefit.

The third (a delicious pink brain) is your sanity rating. You can keep this boosted by eating often, building fires and completing tasks.

There’s also a stamina rating, which is depleted when you run. This automatically refills when you stop running.

The Abandoned tips and tricks: Combat guide

Be careful not to venture into combat with a weapon that’s about to fall apart. Check the status of your knife, club or whatever else you have equipped by glancing at the weapon icon at the top of the screen, before you start swinging.

Simple knives are perfect for fighting zombies, and thankfully are quick and easy to craft. Spiked clubs are good for killing zombies as well, but require more resources.

Don’t just stand there and wait for a zombie to approach you and then start swinging. You should be constantly moving; charge at a zombie, tap the swing button before you get to them, wait for the hit and then dodge away again before they land a blow. Circle strafe around and attack again. Be careful and make sure no other enemies sneak up on you while you’re dealing with one foe.

The Abandoned tips and tricks: Build a camp and save your sanity

Build yourself a fire every night, without exception. Fire frightens zombies and animals away and improves your sanity level. To build a fire, head into the crafting menu and tap the second tab. You have an option of a Campfire or an Improved Campfire (the improved campfire will burn for longer, but you can add fresh wood to extend a fire’s lifespan and the standard campfire should last you the night anyway). Just tap on one and you’ll craft any necessary resources and then build the fire. Don’t have enough materials? Just chop down a tree and you’re set.

Once you have the option, start building a camp. Start with storage and asylum. Build the camp close to trees, so you won’t need to wander far every time you need a stick for an axe or firewood.

The Abandoned tips and tricks: Level up your stats

Don’t forget to upgrade your skills at the end of each day, for a better chance of surviving the following day. Just tap ‘Upgrade skills’ beneath your summary.

We’re constantly updating this guide with fresh tips. If you have any tips of your own, let us know in the comments below.


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