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The Android app that gives your tablet a Windows makeover

A new app which has launched for Android wants to make your homescreen look almost exactly like a Windows desktop.

The app, which is called Andromium OS, is currently available on the Google Play Store for free, as part of its beta testing program, and it aims to deliver a Windows-like experience to users who require a little bit more from their standard Android setup.

The folk behind the concept claim that it will turn your Android device into a “full functional computer” with the help of an attached keyboard, mouse and, obviously, a screen – something which can easily be achieved using the screencast functionality and a Chromecast.

Once you’ve got the peripherals paired and a screen sorted out you can reboot your phone, fire up the app and get down to business.

You’ll be able to play games, do work and use the setup much like you would a Windows PC, from double clicking on shortcuts to launch apps to dragging and resizing windows, and all the while your phone will still function as normal, so texts and calls will come through and you won’t miss a thing.

Functionality like this is something which has been attempted before, with the Ubuntu Edge and Motorola Atrix 4G, and it’s something which will be coming to a Windows 10-powered device near you this summer, in the guise of Microsoft Continuum, but if you’re an Android user, Andromium OS is something which is certainly worth a look, especially while it’s free.




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