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The BBC iPlayer app: Coming to the iPad and Android

BBC have stepped up to tell us exactly what we can expect from their iPlayer app- set for release this Thursday. The big news; it won’t be just the iPad- BBC iPlayer is coming to Android.

According to the Beeb’s Daniel Danker, the new app will be available on both the iPad and Android tablets- as long as they’re powered by Android 2.2 or later.

This means we could be streaming BBC programes on our Motorola Xooms and LG Optimus Pads- when we get our hands on them later this year

Features touched on by Danker include the ability to stream live TV and radio on your tablet device.

You’ll also be able to access the full schedule of the last seven days on demand, like you’ve been able to do through the iPad’s and iPhone browser-integrated iPlayer. As we revealed earlier, you’ll still need to be connected to WiFi to view the BBC stuff, we’ve been told that will “ensure a smooth viewing experience.”

BBC are also promising to make the most of the tablets, with “high picture quality”, “personalised favourites” and that they will be “making the most of the touch-screen UI. ”

Talking of when we’ll be able to try both versions, Danker said that they were, “just applying the finishing touches to the apps as we speak, and all things being well we plan to have Android and iPad apps in stores by the end of the week.”

They’re also promising us more features will be added to the apps in the future; the Beeb mentioned that BBC iPlayer growth on tablets outpaced PC access by more than 20 to 1.


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