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The cheapest Android smartphone on pay-as-you-go? £30 from T-Mobile, with credit

It’s the cheapest Android phone we’ve ever seen; it’s T-Mobile’s Pulse Pink. The price has been sliced down from £100 to £20, but you’ll have to buy £10 credit on top.  In total; £30 for an Android 2.1 Eclair phone.

If you’re not put off by the idea of a hot pink phone, then your £30 will net you the aforementioned £10 phone credit, with an initial six months’ free internet, a 3.2-megapixel camera with LED flash, and 2GB of SD memory.

There’s also FM radio, and, naturally, a whole raft of Android apps to kit out the Pulse with extra functionality.

It will be running Android 2.1, which may not run every app available from the Android Market, but at £30, you’d have to be quite the Scrooge to complain…

You could always take to ‘customising’ the hot pink exterior if it doesn’t suit, and if the £500 plus price-tag of forthcoming dual-core smartphones makes you choke – this could be the perfect pink antidote.

UPDATE: And it’s gone. We’ve just clicked back to the page, and the offer has vanished. You had to be quick…




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