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The Fingerist: Grab your iPhone and let’s get the band back together

Just because you’re old enough to know better, well-off enough to own an iPhone and possess little-to-no musical talent is no reason to give up on those dreams of international rock superstardom. Bag yourself a Fingerist iPhone speaker-cum-guitar-simulator, get strumming on the webcam and YouTube will make you world-famous in no time.

Sure, there are plenty of reasons not to invest in the Fingerist; at £170 it’s fairly pricey, nigh on pointless and runs on three AA batteries (we all know how long those last) but forget all that and just focus on the fact that it looks a bit like a guitar. The 2W amp will do the trick playing back those sweet riffs you lay down using one of the many guitar apps available, and even the strap attachments and audio connector have a certain garage band chic to them. There are only 50 of these handmade speaker docks in production so if you want one, you’d better get yourself over to Bird Electron’s Japanese site quick-smart.


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