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The iPhone SE 3 could launch as soon as 2022

If a new report is to be believed, Apple could release a new downsized smartphone as soon as next year following the success of its forerunner.

The current iPhone SE was only launched in 2020, and yet according to a new report it seems that Apple is planning to unveil a new one just next year.

According to DigiTimes, the iPhone SE 3 could appear as soon as the first half of 2022, and apparently will actually go by that name, rather than just confusingly adopting the same name as its predecessor, as happened with the 2020 version.

It’s more than a little surprising to see such a relatively short gap between the second and third instalments of Apple’s small but mighty smartphone, given that the very first version came out way back when in 2015, but it would certainly indicate that the iPhone SE 2 was a strong sales performer when it first hit the shelves.

One of the big improvements we’d certainly expect to arrive on the iPhone SE 3 would be 5G connectivity, which only made its debut in Apple’s smartphone range with the iPhone 12 series. Another processor upgrade may also be in order, but for now we have no clues as to what it might look like, though previous models in the series have generally resembled iPhones of previous years but with a specs upgrade.

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In our review of the iPhone SE 2, we praised its handy size and bargain price (for an Apple product), along with some of its more ‘premium’ features like water resistance and wireless charging. However when the phone gets an upgrade (be that in 2022 or a little later), we’d like to see it take on a fresh new design, and even more crucially, a significant upgrade to the battery life, which lags behind its peers.





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