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The Moron Test is coming to iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7

Patience-testing game/torture device The Moron Test will be winging its way to BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 phones and the iPad sometime this year.

Makers Distinct Dev are hard at work porting the game, which has been a hit on the iPhone and Android phones, to as many platforms as possible in 2011.

A version for non-touchscreen BlackBerries is reportedly in the pipeline. So if you’ve got access to the BlackBerry App World but don’t own a Storm or a Torch, you’ll still be able to get involved.

The Moron Test is an addictive game which throws deceptively simple-looking puzzles your way, which you have to answer within a set time limit.

It sounds easy enough. But more often than not you’ll get caught out by a random curveball, and you’ll have to start all over.

No release dates or prices have been announced just yet, but we’re told that The Moron Test will be coming to all these platforms within the first half of 2011.

The Moron Test is available to download on iPhone and Android phones now for £0.59.


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