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The next Samsung Galaxy S; ‘Evolution is fate.’

We’re never sure what’s going to show up at their annual reveal session, Samsung Unpacked.

Last year they revealed their Super AMOLED-packing Samsung Galaxy S, the closest relative to the Google’s Nexus S, and a great phone in its own right.

Now Samsung have revealed a teaser page for what’s coming next; Samsung Unpacked.

It doesn’t give much away, an evolution of the Galaxy S, “Evolution is fate”. Sounds ominous.

It could be the introduction to a whole Galaxy family of phones. We’ve seen bits about a Galaxy S2, Mini and Ace, but could it be an entirely new phone? The Galaxy Fate? Sounds a bit wimpy, but Samsung phones never seem to follow any particular naming pattern.

Samsung are promising to reveal more on February 1st, with the final reveal taking place on February 13th, the day before the start of the mobile industry event, Mobile World Conference. They’ll have all of us poor tech writers exactly where they want us!

We’ll be getting more on this come February 1st.

Via; Samsung Hub


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