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The wearable that can diagnose STDs

A new startup is working on a wearable called Hoope which can tell you if you’ve caught a dose of the clap, saving embarrassing trips to the local clinic.

Most wearables do little more than tell you how far you’ve walked, but Hoope is a step above as it could make finding out if you’ve got an STD far less embarrassing and inconvenient. The device (which is still in development) is a ring that acts as a tiny laboratory, communicating with an app on your mobile phone to tell you whether or not you should worry about that incessant crotch itch.

So, how does it work? Well, the Hoope comes with a testing kit containing a single-use needle, similar to those used by diabetics to check their blood sugars. Simply prick your finger, put a drop of blood on the testing kit and then pop it into your Hoope and after a few moments, the wearable pings your phone and tells you whether you’ve caught a dose. And if you do have an STD, Hoope will helpfully provide directions to the nearest clinic.

Hoope will also zap the blood sample once it’s been analysed, so you can dispose of it like any other trash – ruling out the need for biological waste disposal. However, you will need a sharps bin for the single-use needles.

Hoope can look for the four most commonly-occurring nasties: chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and trichomoniasis.

While it could be a while until Hoope hits the streets (they’re currently working on shrinking the tech down into a more manageable/wearable form factor), this wearable could seriously change the way people address their sexual health. Good news, as we recently reported that online dating apps have caused a surge in STDs of late. With any luck it’ll also lighten the burden on an NHS.

According to Hoope’s creators the device will ideally retail for around $50 when it’s ready, and any money raised will go towards taking the system to developing countries, with a view to alleviating suffering – which is a game-plan we can fully get behind.


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