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Three reveals subsidised iPad pricing: Slightly cheaper than Orange

Three has officially revealed its cheaper contract iPad pricing, following Orange’s announcement last week.

The pricing on Three isn’t stunningly different to that of Orange, but does offer a contract that is £2 cheaper a month. 

You do get a lot more data for your money, with Orange only offering 2GB of data for £27/month and Three giving you a whopping 15GB for its lower price. So if you’re hoping to download a lot of films and music on your iPad, it could be the best option.

The 2-year £25-a-month contract gets you an iPad WiFi + 3G 16GB for £199, 32GB for £249 and 64GB for £349.

The lowest cost contract will set you back £799 over the course of the two years, while the most expensive iPad comes in at £949. Those £2s per month really add up, saving you a bundle on what going with Orange will cost you over the life of the contracts.

We stick by our original assessment that you’d be better off saving up for an iPad at full retail value – with Three offering 1GB of data for £7.50 a month on pay as you go, it makes sound financial sense to us.


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