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Three to stock Xperia Play. Now available on all networks

Three have just announced that they’ll be stocking the Xperia Play on its release in the UK.

They’ll be joining all the other major networks, who announced at various times yesterday that they would have the Sony Ericsson handset.

The first phone to feature PlayStation branding, the phone will have its own slide-out controls underneath its 4.2-inch screen, and will include a PlayStation Suite app, which is rumoured to be a gateway to a PlayStation 1 game-store.

It’ll be running the latest Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), with plenty of bells and whistles available through Google’s own app store.

It’ll be nice to pick whichever network offers you the best deal for the Xperia Play-we’ll keep you updated with a full hands-on in the few weeks.

Yesterday, Three tweeted that they were very ‘excited’ about the Xperia Play advert spotted last week, but had no news on whether they were going to offer it. By today, they’re now set to offer the phone. Must have been very excited indeed.


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