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This mobile-controlled plane boasts real-life aerial battles

The TobyRich Vegas is a remote controlled plane that connects to your iPhone or Android mobile and performs aerial acrobatics, as well as gunning down your enemies. Although only virtually, sadly.

German company TobyRich specialises in remote controlled gadgetry that pairs with your smartphone and its latest venture, the TobyRich Vegas, could be the most fun you’ll have with your mobile outside of online grumble and cat video marathons.

This remote-controlled plane is easily maneouverable, to the point that it can be used indoors as well as out. As well as zipping about and performing somersaults, the TobyRich Vegas can also hover in mid-air and complete other stunts in a confined space.

Best of all, the TobyRich app has a built-in dogfighting game that lets you take on a friend on the ground. Your mate just has to download the TobyRich app as well and then they can blast your dinky plane with virtual bullets as you weave about the place. The app is nice and simple to use – just point your iPhone or Android handset at the skies and you’ll see a real-time camera feed, complete with crosshairs and buttons to fire off your imaginary arsenal.

However, the pilot can also fire back with their own virtual weapons, so any attackers will have to duck and cover to stay in the game.

With training missions and challenges to get you used to the controls, the TobyRich Vegas should prove a great little gift for kids as well as anyone who fancies virtually murdering their mates. It’s coming soon to KickStarter, so keep an eye out.


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