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Together at last: iPhone case and bottle-opener

This may not be the first iPhone-bottle-opener-combi we’ve seen, but it certainly the most stylish, if a little pricey.

Promising to protect your iPhone from the forces at work when you open a bottle of brew, the Opena slides out from the back of your phone, and is made from some sturdy-looking stainless steel.

The makers are keen to stress that the case is intentionally structured to avoid undue stress or scratching of your precious iPhone. It’ll also protect your phone’s connection from any froth that could explode from bottles.

Initially a Kickstarter project (we do like a good KickStarter) it’s now reached its funding goal and is in production.
Their funding-round began only last month (June 2011) and managed to clear the 50% mark in its first week.

By Monday 27th June 2011, funding was completed, and it looks set to be available in the US from August, you can preorder direct now.

Visit their site for more info.

Via: Gizmodo

Source: Openacase


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