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App Friday: Tom Daley Dive for iOS

Tom Daley Dive iconWith the Olympic season upon us, it’s unsurprising that mobile app developers want a piece of the sporting action. Tom Daley Dive 2012 is set make a splash on iOS devices in the remaining days leading up to Tom’s real 2012 Olympic debut in London.

Created in partnership with Olympic sponsors Adidas, take control of Tom as he stands atop diving boards at Olympic venues all around the world, including sites in London, Beijing and Barcelona.

The feel of the game is reminiscent of QWOP, with players guiding Tom move by move through the motions of each dive and there’s a key focus on timing as each dive requires a precision –  not only to avoid belly flopping on the water’s surface, but to actually finish with a respectable score.

Tom Daley Dive 2012 screens

The main structure of the game is divided into four types of dive; backward dives, forward dives, inward dives and armstand dive. As you progress, you unlock a new event with each successful dive, three dives from each category are available in the free version and up to 22 dives in all from the unlocked paid version.

When you launch the app you can learn how to control Tom in Tutorial Mode and even watch him perform a perfect dive automatically before you attempt each event, visuals are excellent for a free app, although the simple control scheme is deceptively tricky to master at first. 

Unlocking enough dives will grant you access to the Championships where you can compete by submitting scores to your favourite social networks.

Tom Daley Dive is available for free on iOS and you can pick it up on the App Store today. To unlock the extra diving events it’ll set you back 69p, available for purchase within the app by tapping one of the locked events.


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