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Top Ten PlayStation games we want to see on the Xperia Play

So the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is hitting the shelves at the end of the month, and the “hardware neutral” PlayStation Suite will be available on Tegra 2-powered Android phones as well.

This got us thinking about the old school PlayStation/PS1 titles we’re looking forwards to playing on our Xperia Plays, Galaxy S II’s and Atrixes (Atricies?), whenever we get hold of them.

We already know that Crash Bandicoot is coming pre-installed on the Xperia Play. Other PlayStation titles earmarked for the PlayStation Suite from launch include MediEvil, Destruction Derby, Syphon Filter and Cool Boarders 2.

With this in mind, we took a brief trip down memory lane and lined up ten titles from yesteryear that we’d love to see on the Xperia Play and the PlayStation Suite.

Final Fantasy VII

A no brainer right? Final Fantasy VII holds a special place in gamers hearts; it will have been the first FF title many of us played here in the UK and is still regarded by many as the best game evur.

Typing ‘FF7 android‘ into YouTube shows gamers playing said game on the psx4droid and Fpse emulators on a variety of Android phones and devices. It’s safe to say that there’s a healthy demand for this then. Though the emulators run the game admirably, we’d prefer to play a version where the controls aren’t layered all over the screen.

Metal Gear Solid

Again, a no brainer. We’ve had Metal Gear Solid Touch for the iPhone, a fun on rails-style shooter based on the events of MSG4, but that didn’t really satisfy our mobile stealth cravings. Syphon Filter will be coming to the Xperia Play, so we’d like to see the original MSG alongside this as well. Either that, or we’d like to see Portable Ops and Peacewalker from the PSP ported to the Xperia Play.

By the way, nanomachines.

Kula World

Many people will remember Kula World from the demo disc which came bundled with the original PlayStation back in the day. Anyone who managed to get hold of this 3D puzzler will know how fiendishly addictive it is. Even now, copies of the original can fetch £50 on eBay.

It’s available to buy now on PS3 through the PlayStation Store, and for the PSP as well. Frankly we’re stunned that this game – which would be perfect on any mobile phone – hasn’t been ported to the iPhone yet.

Come on Sony, steal a march and make it happen on the Xperia Play.

Resident Evil

We really really want this horror survival classic to arrive in the PlayStation Suite. Or at least a version with the amazing dialogue of the original voice cast. “Uhhh… you’re a Jill sandwich!” Fun times.

Wipeout 2097

Not the first Wipeout game to hit the PlayStation, the second incarnation (see what we did there?) is the one we have the fondest memories of. This one introduced weapons to the fray, including the track-warping Quake Distruptor – this caused the whole track to undulate and ripple like a giant rug being pulled out from under everyone’s feet. Visually impressive and really annoying, especially if you happened to be in first place at the time.

Like Kula World, a PSP edition has already been released, so we’d like to see a quick port of this sharpish.

Tomb Raider

The game that allowed you to main and kill a staggering number of wild animals (as well as kicking off a million debates about sexism/stereotypes of women in games) by all rights should be given the Xperia Play treatment. The 10th Anniversary Edition of the original was ported to the PSP back in 2006, so we’d be surprised if Lara Croft didn’t make an appearance on the Xperia Play.

A reboot of the franchise is due to arrive on PS3, 360 and PC this year, so maybe we’ll see a release which coincides with that.

Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding

Who out there, die-hard skaters aside, knew what an Indy Nosebone was before Tony Hawk’s? We have many fond memories of afternoons wasted grinding and chaining combos across huge, strangely depopulated urban arenas, while a comically censored version of the Dead Kennedy’s ‘Police Truck’ chugged in the background. The control set up of the Xperia Play would be perfect for this as well – D-pads and the four buttons for directions and jumping/stunts and the shoulder buttons for camera control.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Described as ‘Metroid for the PlayStation’, this version of Castlevania is regarded as one of the best 2D side scrollers ever – and not without good reason. This is a heady blend of traditional platforming action with an RPG experience system thrown in.

It’s not a standard platformer in the sense of ‘levels’ either – the titular castle is a vast, sprawling place with areas which are only accessible after certain items or abilities have been obtained. Throw in some secret rooms and multiple endings and you’ve got hours of replay value on your hands.

PaRappa the Rapper

Before Guitar Hero invaded everyone’s living rooms, there was this quirky little rhythm game on the PlayStation. The cute and colourful graphics could easily work on the Xperia Play and it doesn’t require a big plastic guitar to play either. As well as being awarded for accuracy, you could also rack up extra points for freestyling. Song subject matter also ranges from baking a cake for your girlfriend and holding it in when there’s a big queue for the bathroom. Better than tiresome renditions of DragonForce songs in our opinion.

Street Fighter Alpha 3

Yeah we know that Street Fighter 4 is out on the iPhone and that this game is over ten years old. But some of us here actually prefer this game to SF4. Controversial, we know. But there’s undeniably something about Alpha 3’s exhaustive cast of characters, the RPG elements of the World Tour mode, and the Manga stylings of the sprites that do it for us. The Xperia Play’s controls would make it easier to unleash Sonic Booms and Dragon Punches rather than fiddly on-screen virtual keys, which just get in the way.

Well, that’s our top ten games we’d want to see on the Xperia Play anyways. If there’s anything glaring we’ve left out (Gran Turismo? FIFA 98?) or a top fave you’d have mentioned, let us know in the comments.


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