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Toshiba 7.7-inch and 13.3-inch concept tablets: Hands-on pictures

Toshiba’s just shown us a couple of concept tablets at an event in London and we were allowed to snap away. 

The first of the two is a 7.7-inch tablet that looks an awful lot like the Toshiba AT270 which we spotted at Mobile World Congress last week. The screen is an AMOLED type that’s super-bright and colourful while retaining great levels of detail.

No word on the exact pixel count but we’d guess that its something around the 1280×768 (WXGA) or the 1280×800 (WSGA) mark. There’s a micro USB port and a slot for microSD cards (again, like the one we saw last week) and it feels very light in the hand.

There’s also a couple of mystery slots at the base, leading us to guess that some kind of keyboard accessory (a la that Asus Transformer Prime and Padfone) might be in the pipeline.

Next up was a concept tablet with a whopping 13.3-inch panel. This one was sadly a non-working device, so we couldn’t turn it on to see how detailed the screen was. But still, 13.3-inches. That’s huge. Netbook-sized.

Connections-wise we spied micro HDMI, full-sized SD (i.e. not micro) and a full-sized USB port.

On the wide edges we saw what could be keyboard dock connections similar to those that we saw on the 7.7-inch tablet. So there might not be any kind of keyboard dock in the pipeline, or Toshiba hasn’t got that far yet – this is a concept piece after all.

We’d expect to see more of this kind of thing if Android 5.0 Jelly Bean, and Google’s support for desktop Android pans out as expected.

There’s no pricing information for either of these devices, just tantalising glimpses of what might be coming from Toshiba in the months to come. We’ll keep you posted.


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