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Toshiba’s Tablet shows off its stuff in a video, kicks sand in iPad’s face

Toshiba’s yet-to-be-named Android tablet has surfaced on a teaser site, listing some of its finer points while poking fun at the iPad in the introductory video.

The video prominently features the tablet’s twin camera set-up (5-megapixels in the back, 2-megapixels up front), and mentions that it gives you access to ‘the full web. Even Flash’. The spec sheet also mentions that the battery is fully replaceable by ‘screwdriver savvy people.’ Get you Toshiba.

Other spec includes three ports (HDMI, mini USB and full USB), a 10.1-inch screen, 1080p video playback and stereo speakers with SRS Surround.

Unlike Motorola’s Xoom, Toshiba has opted to keep the four Android keys (home, menu, back and search) here.

It looks as though there’ll be a range of replaceable covers available for the device too. The ‘style’ section of the site details EasyGrip interchangeable rubber backs that will be available in a range of colours. No word on what colours there’ll be yet. But if we can’t have ours in British Racing Green we’re simply not interested.

There’s also no word yet on price or availability, but we expect to hear more during the run up to Mobile World Congress.

Source Toshiba via TechRadar


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