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Traffic Panic goes top of iTunes games chart. Plus: Exclusive high score tips

Traffic Panic puts you in control of a traffic system; it’s your job to let through incoming traffic through some risky traffic light control. It’s the latest game from Neon Play, the people that brought us Paper Glider, officially iTune’s 10 billionth app download.

Controls are addictively simple- touch the screen to stop and start the traffic flow, which is made up of various cars, motorbikes and vans. Problem is, there’s traffic cutting right across you, and it’s relentless. (Where’s their bleeding traffic light?)

The more traffic you let through, the better your score, and points mean prizes. Extra levels are opened up through a coin system- which are rewarded for high scores.
If you’re finding it hard to score, you can cheekily buy extra coins through the in-app shop. It’s also compatible with Apple’s Game Center, where you can show of your traffic-controlling skills on daily, weekly and all-time leaderboards.

But how are those cars scored, and how do I get the high scores, and more coins? We got into contact with Traffic Panic’s chief programmer, Mark Allen, who gave us a few hints on how to make the most of your traffic controller skills.

“The aim is to allow as many cars through without stopping them. If a car goes through non-stop, you’ll get 200 points. If it stops for just a moment, you’ll only a maximum of 100. You need to aim to keep traffic flowing through constantly.”

“This can go down as low as 10 points, if the vehicle is stopped for around 4-5 seconds.” Mark also told us that although at the moment different types of vehicle don’t affect the score, in the forthcoming update, larger lorries and buses will give you a whopping 500 points, if it gets through unhindered

UPDATE: Traffic Panic is currently the UK’s most-downloaded free game on iTunes. Get it while it’s hot!


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