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Man shot dead after locating thief with ‘Find my iPhone’

An 18-year-old man has been shot dead in London, Ontario after trying to track down his missing smartphone, highlighting the potential dangers of trying to personally locate your lost device.

Jeremy Cook used a smartphone locating app to hunt down his missing handset, which he accidentally left in a taxi last weekend. The lost phone’s GPS helped him and a relative track the mobile to a Highbury Avenue address, where he was confronted by three men in a car. When the car started to drive away, Mr Cook grabbed on to the driver’s door, but was shot multiple times and later died.

The tragic tale is a rare occurence, but does highlight how tracking down missing phones could be a dangerous undertaking, which is best left to the police.

If you do lose your phone, here’s what you should do immediately. And there are also some apps you can install on your device which take photos on the sly of anyone who tries to use your phone after it goes missing. These can then be shown to the authorities, to help recover your handset.


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