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Transformer Prime? Convergence? Wait till you see the Fujitsu Lifebook 2013

After a pretty impressive show from Fujitsu at CES 2012 with their Arrow range combining skinny and waterproof, it looks like they’re taking combining to a whole new level with their latest concept device dubbed the Lifebook2013.

Offering up to four devices in single laptop chassis, rather than having a keyboard, a crater where one should be docks a tablet that turns into a full-sized digital QWERTY. The fun doesn’t stop there, we did say four devices after all and number two on the list is a detachable digital camera acting as the laptop’s rear facing cam until you need to go mobile. Third is a slot in the bottom left paving the way for a phone to be slotted in.

Given the fact that each of these components has its own CPU, the fourth device is the laptop itself, albeit keyboard-less, 3G-less and camera-less when left standalone. An interesting touch is the fact all the devices share the processing burden between CPUs, suggesting all devices would likely share a single OS. Yes, even the camera, don’t you remember the Android Polaroid camera we saw at CES?

Price, confirmed release and specs of the concept device from Fujitsu aren’t likely to surface for a while if they do at all, however between Fujitsu’s offering and the concept device from Sony seen at CES 2012, it does show the impact devices like the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime and Asus PadFone are having on manufacturer’s imaginations. Watch this space in 2013 when with any luck, we’ll be putting a Fujitsu Lifebook through its paces.


Source: AndroidPIT via: phoneArena


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