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Transparent iPhone 4 case mod: Haven’t we seen this before?

This see-through iPhone 4 case mod we spotted over on Make is amazing and everything, but we’re sure we’ve seem something similar before.

Our pretend-transparent iPhone 4 pics from last year was more of an exercise in camera control and judicious positioning. This however, is the real deal.

Apparently this effective mod can be achieved with the careful application of paint thinners to the insides of an iPhone 4’s case. Yep, the insides – you’ll need to invest in a pentalobular-shaped screwdriver in order to do this. Still, when the results look as good as this, it’s almost worth voiding your phone’s warranty for.

Update: looks like somebody else got there first – Engadget’s Richard Lai tweeted about this a little while ago. We did wonder what his name was doing at the top of the Uwants forum post…

Source: Uwants via Make/TUAW


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