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Trees EE was forced to plant now ruining phone signal

Turns out the government does occasionally make stupid-arse decisions, as its grand plan to make the UK more beautiful has simply b0rked our mobile signal.

It’s yet another case of awesome half-baked legislation returning in a deeply unwanted fashion, like a boomerang covered in sick and killer bees.

Back when EE was still Orange and T-Mobile, the company was made to erect plantlife around new mobile phone masts, in order to hide the ugly metal towers from view. However, EE now insists that the trees – which have since grown to engulf the phone antennas – have the irksome side-effect of hampering users’ mobile signal.

So the next time you find yourself stuck out in the arse-end of the country with a useless mobile, maybe just stop and admire the beautiful landscape instead.

The British government has thankfully loosened up in recent times, announcing new plans to allow taller masts to be constructed in both protected and unprotected areas. A new report also bigs up the need for ‘near universal’ 4G coverage across the UK, to help businesses in all areas stay competitive.

EE itself is dedicated to spreading itself around, with millions invested in countryside expansion for blanket coverage.


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