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Turn your Apple Watch into a pocket watch

American fashion designer Tom Ford has come up with a unique and nostalgic way to wear an Apple Watch.

Ford, perhaps best known for turning around the fortunes of the ailing Gucci label, has created a snazzy new accessory which allows fashion conscious folk to wear the Apple Watch as a pocket watch.

The accessory, which is part of Ford’s 2016 spring collection, slides into the Watch’s slot where a band would ordinarily fit. The hook can then be used to attach a traditional watch chain, to fit Apple’s wearable to a loop on your waistcoat. Nice.

Of course, rocking your Watch like a traditional timepiece isn’t exactly the best way to access its features, including the sensors which are supposed to be in constant contact with your wrist.

Still, if you want to take your rather expensive smartwatch, strip it of most of its smartwatch-related features and wear it like a timepiece from a bygone era, this is pretty much your best option – unless you fancy rigging your own version out of rubber bands and duct tape.

There’s still no word on when and how you’ll be able to buy Mr Ford’s pocket watch accessory. However, we’re reasonably sure that plenty of Ford-inspired knock-offs will soon pop up on eBay, if you can’t wait.


Maybe in reference to its clunkiness, Tom Ford has turned the #applewatch into a pocket watch. @tomford #SS16 #LCM #menswear

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