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Tutorial video of BlackBerry Bold 9790: Cheap and cheerful Bold 9900?

If you weren’t interested in RIM’s forthcoming Bold 9900, perhaps the Bold 9790 could tempt you with looks not dissimilar to older Bold models.

Don’t let those looks fool you; it’s purported to be packing all the big specs of the pricier Bold 9900, including 8GB of internal memory, NFC, the new BlackBerry OS 7, and touchscreen-keyboard combination input.

Like the guys at Crackberry, responsible for uploading the videos, we expect that this could be a cut-price alternative to the Bold 9900, using cheaper parts and material than it’s bigger brother. Hopefully less than the £900 bid on eBay for an early prototype.

No exact details yet on its processor suggest it could be below the 1.2 GHz offering on the Bold 9900. The leaked tutorial videos give you a good idea of how the new OS will handle; in short, not too different to the old one.

Expect to hear more on everything BlackBerry when the 9900 arrives for review, and if/when we get more info on the mysterious Bold 9790.



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