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TV chef Rustie Lee? There’s an app for her!

Apologies, Americans, but this won’t make much sense to you…

Rustie Lee! On the App Store! Yes, that Rustie Lee! A generation of Brits grew up with TV chef Rustie Lee’s raucous laugh in the 1980s, when she was ever-present on shows like TV-AM. She’s still knocking about too, popping up on shows like Loose Women and This Morning.

Anyway, she’s got an app now, for iPhone and iPad. And even if you’ve mentally blocked out the 80s and can’t remember who she was, if you’re a fan of Caribbean cuisine it’ll be right up your street.

The app includes 140 recipes and more than 90 minutes of video guides to cooking a range of dishes, from Jerk Chicken and ‘Saucy Spare Ribs’ through to Pork and Cho Cho in Orange Sauce and Chilli. You can choose by ingredient type, or shake your device to get a random recipe.

As with other chef-based apps, there’s also a shopping list feature to plan your purchases, and a cooking timer to make sure you don’t set them on fire. All the video tutorials are built in, which means a whopping 604MB download, but then no streaming once you’re cooking.


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