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Twitter now displays inline pictures and videos by default

Twitter continues its quest to become a media oriented service. The social networking company yesterday updated its official apps for iOS and Android – as well as its website – to automatically show image previews by default.

That means that (very) large images will show up in your timeline by default. Luckily, there’s an option to turn the feature off if you want a cleaner timeline. All you need to do is jump into the mobile app settings and turn off image previews. Don’t be surprised to see that option disappear in the future, though – companies and brands will almost certainly include an image from now on that will essentially be a mini advert.

In addition, Twitter controls such as Favourites and Retweets are now shown by default. Twitter is probably hoping that content sharing will jump as a result – if it’s easier to share something, people are more likely to do so. Enjoy the new Twitter.


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