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Update: Samsung “still reviewing options” for Galaxy S3 launch at MWC

The more we hear about the Samsung Galaxy S3 the more our anticipation for what promises to be a monster of a phone is whetted.

Naturally we’re expecting to see it unveiled at Mobile World Congress, but the rumours doing the round at the moment have poured water on this idea. To shorten the launch gap between the European and US launches of the S3, Samsung may pull the date back to later in the year.

In a call to Sammy Hub’s Kunal Gangar, Samsung’s Younghee Lee, said that Samsung was “still reviewing several options for when to launch [the Galaxy S3] and that “we’ll let you know when it’s decided.”

So it’s still uncertain whether we’ll be getting some eyes-on time with the Galaxy S3 at Barcelona. We think that the demand for the Galaxy S3 would be strong enough for Samsung to justify holding a separate launch event after MWC.

Given that the gloves with Apple are well and truly off, we wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung was planning on holding back ‘til around the time for Apple’s WWDC, normally held in June.

Then again, HTC is said to be bringing the quad-core Edge to Barcelona next month. Would Samsung let its main Android rival steal the thunder? We’ll know for sure, one way or another at the end of February, pending further developments.

Source: Sammy Hub


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