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Updated: iPad 2 UK launch: Where? When?

As the phone networks begin to eke out their price-plans (while some shops still keep stocking info limited) we’re going to be bringing you the latest info on pricing, and shops where you can take one home on release day.

If you’re looking for prices; check out our coverage here.

“When is the iPad 2 on sale again?”

Friday 25 March 2011. Today. Kyou. Au jour d’hui. At 5pm.

If you’re not wanting to join the ever-growing queue outside Apple’s official stores, we’ve been checking other shops on their availability.

From the high-street

A spokeperson from John Lewis told us that the iPad 2 will be available in all stores that stocked the original iPad, while a spokesperson from Carphone Warehouse said that there will be iPads in ‘select stores’, and their stable-mate, Best Buy.

Those select stores are: Belfast, Birmingham, Bluewater, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, Portsmouth, and in London, shops in Westfield White City, Oxford Street and Oxford Street, Centre Point.

The Dixons group, which includes   PC World and Currys, are said to have stock- but no specifics on select stores. Unofficially, we’ve heard rumours that stock may be more plentiful in PC World, but their spokesperson refused to confirm or deny.

Update: Thanks to several readers who sent in this link, showing where you can buy the iPad 2.

There’s too many to list here, but that means of shops to try- it should keep you busy if you want to find remaining iPads sometime this weekend..

We’re waiting for responses from other iPad stockists, and will update here as news comes in.

From the phone-shops

Orange will have it in stock, and are even holding a competition to celebrate, at their flagship store in London on launch day . There’ll be ten free iPad 2s to those dressed in the best iPad app costumes outside the 32 Great Marlborough Street.

Vodafone has also confirmed its prices on their site, but no news yet  on whether stock will be limited to selected stores, but we’ll update you with more info when we get it. The same for T-Mobile and Three- when they tell us more on their plans for the launch tomorrow.

Update: T-Mobile has just announced its price plans for the iPad 2 and confirmed that it will be stocking iPad 2s in its high-street stores from 5pm today.

Three Mobile have also announced their stocks. Here’s a list of shops that will stock the iPad 2 from 5pm.

Not a people person? Order your iPad 2 online.

If you’re not into the whole queuing or (finger-quotation marks) ‘people’ thing, you’ll be able to order online from the official Apple Store starting at 1am Friday morning. Try to stay awake.

Other sites stocking the iPad include Amazon, and Expansys.


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