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Updated: Three UK is actually, really selling the white iPhone 4: £159 on £35 a month for 24 months

We can’t quite believe it and neither can Three’s Adam Kirby it seems. We’ve just spotted the tweet below which takes you to a Three page where you can place an order for a 32GB white iPhone 4. It’s happening! You’re going to be able to buy one! Hurrah!

The white iPhone 4 is currently only available on the 24 month The One Plan for £35 a month it seems – this gives you 2000 minutes, 5000 texts and Three’s trademark all-you-can-eat unlimited data. Three is even bunging in a bumper case as well, lest Antennagate rears its ugly head again.

The snag? It looks like this is the only offer that you can get the white iPhone 4 on at the moment. If you go to Three’s iPhone page here and try to select a white iPhone 4 like normal, still getting the ‘temporarily unavailable’ message we’ve seen before.

This offer also only appears to be valid only until the 30th of April, the end of the month, so it’s not a long term thing. 

Maybe come the 26th of April we’ll see the white wonder on the full range of Three contracts? We’re chasing Three up for a statement now, as well as F5’ing the heck out of the deals page to see if it changes.

In the mean time, feel free to head on over to this page if you want an email reminder for when more deals become available.

Update: we’ve just spoken to Three who’ve told us that the above deal is not yet live, as anyone who has tried to click through and buy a white iPhone 4 32GB will have found out.

Three wasn’t able to furnish us with any further info about white iPhone 4’s on its other contracts at the moment. As soon as we hear differently, we’ll let you know.



Source: Twitter


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