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Cyclists will love Microsoft’s Band and Health app update

Microsoft’s Band is set to receive MapMyRide and Strava integration, allowing cyclists to wear the smart device during their rides to record routes, compare performances and share their favourite tracks with other riders.

Microsoft Health will also be beefed up with some useful new features including Comparative Insights. This will let users compare their data, such as steps, sleep, workouts and calories burned, with other Health users who have the same height and weight. Good motivation for competitive types who want to push themselves as far as possible.

The Microsoft Health app will also monitor your shut-eye, telling you how efficiently you slept and how often you woke during the night. It can even serve up information on how your body repairs itself during your sleep, after intensive workouts.

Microsoft’s update will also bring VO2 max – or maximal oxygen uptake – estimation to your Microsoft Band. The device will then reportedly be able to make an educated guess as to your VO2 stats based upon your heart rate, allowing you to get a much more in-depth idea of just how efficiently your cardio-vascular system is working. Of course, how reliable the estimation will actually be remains to be seen.

Another new feature will provide observations on your exercising performance, giving you insights into which days and at what time you perform best on average. It can also tell you whether or not you’re progressing with your training, maintaining fitness levels or crapping out altogether.

Microsoft Health will also be able to access pedometer data from your Android, iPhone or Windows Phone device, so you won’t have to be wearing your band at all times to ensure your data gets logged.


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