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Video: Orange’s best of Mobile World Congress part 2: Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 and others

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the biggest phone trade show in the world. Across halls, located on stands (many of them elaborate) the handsets that will shape the mobile phone market in 2012 were on display. All the major manufacturers were there, including Samsung, LG and HTC – although not Apple.

Since MWC ended we’ve been finding out what phones will be available on the UK networks, including Orange. In the first part of our Orange’s Best of Mobile World Congress video, we looked at the HTC One X, HTC One S and Sony Xperia U.

Now we’re bringing you the second part and this time we’re featuring Samsung with its Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 and Samsung Galaxy Mini 2. Both of these handsets sit at the lower/mid end of the price spectrum and have been substantially upgraded since their predecessors.

Orange of course releases handsets under it’s own brand name, including the Orange Monte Carlo and Orange San Francisco 2. But the Orange Santa Clara is the company’s most powerful phone yet, with an Intel Medfield processor.

Check out the video below to see Orange’s best of Mobile World Congress part 2.


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