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Videos: 7digital unveils its iPhone and Android music apps

More than 500,000 BlackBerry users have installed 7digital’s music application, which lets you buy MP3s from its store and then listen to them in the companion player. Now the company is setting its sights on iPhone and Android.

At an event this morning in London, 7digital showed quick demos of its new apps, which will both allow wireless syncing of music from your 7digital account, with streaming features to come.

It could be controversial on iPhone, given Apple’s preference not to approve rival digital music stores. 7digital said at the event that its app is currently in approval, and that it’s having “positive discussions” with Apple about it.

In the meantime, the company has also launched a mobile web store which should work on most handsets – if you’re in the UK, it’s live today at, with 30+ more countries set to get it in the coming weeks.

Here’s a video demo of the iPhone app:

And here’s the Android app:


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