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Vine for Android

​Vine, the video-centric social network has just landed on Android. Already 13-million users strong, this number looks set to soar if Vine for Android takes off like Instagram did last year.

Rather than simply tell you about the app though, we thought we’d show you how it works, so we recorded a video showcasing the user-interface running on a Samsung Galaxy S4.

As you can see from the video, Vine for Android has a similar look and feel to the aforementioned Instagram. The main screen is a vertically scrolling feed, displaying you and your friend’s Vines. 

Pan over a static image to prompt your phone to download and play the Vine, tap the smiley face to like a post or the speech bubble to comment on it.

Unlike the iOS version of the app, navigation across Vine for Android is all based on horizontal swiping across panels, feeling very natural and playing by Google’s design rules nicely.

These panels include the main feed which we’ve spoken about, the Activity feed, an Explore section and a Profile area, where you can view your Vines and edit your public profile.

Tap the video icon in the top right to record your Vine. If you still don’t know what’s a Vine is, it’s a six second video clip, recordable as one long stretch, or as multiple parts.

While it’s great that Vine has grown beyond iOS alone, there are a couple of areas version one of Vine for Android needs to improve. It’s lacking front facing camera support for starters, and the recent iOS addition of tagging posts isn’t on-board.

More fundamental though are a couple of bugs within Vine for Android which need ironing out. Saving a public profile for example is one thing many users are having trouble with. Autofocus is also hit and miss at this early stage. Still, visually, it all looks slick and we’re confident these quibbles will be ironed out soon enough.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our video above, try out Vine for Android yourself and if you have any questions, just fire them in the comments section below.


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