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Virgin to offer cheap iPhone 5S and 5C

Christmas is coming and the inducements getting fat; and that’s fat with a ‘ph’ for Virgin Media-utilising types as both Apple’s iPhone 5C and 5S are to be doled out at a distinct discount to those with digital subscriptions. By Branson’s beard!

Branson: Cheap is good

A reward scheme for savvy TV and broadband shoppers who decided that Sky was not the limit, Uncle Richard is offering his loyal customers a decidedly decent deal comprised of cut-price iThings upfront, a full fiver off the monthly tariff, free phone calls to friends and family also on Virgin and, presumably recognising that the majority of Virgins are by their very stereotype inexperienced in the ways of the world and prone to ham-fisted handling skills, free insurance bundled into the bargain to boot.

However, before all the VM celibates start to celebrate, ‘discount’ does not mean ‘free’ and there’s still hard-earned to hand over before iPhones will be achieved. All offered on a two year contract only, in the case of the 5C a 16GB model will set customers back an initial £29 and £33 per month for 500MB of data, while the more capacious step-up option of 32GB and 1GB of data weighs in at £69 and £41 per month.

When it comes to the sexier 5S, £69 will secure the handset, regardless of memory capacity, with the 16GB delivering 1GB of data for a further £41 per month, the 32GB doling out a whopping 3GB of delicious data for £59, and the TARDIS-like 64GB with unlimited online info-exchange materialising at a not inconsiderable £71.

Available from Friday to existing Virgin Media customers, rumours abound that Rupert Murdoch’s Sky outfit will soon be offering a similar smartphone package sell-off but with a much wider range of OS options and models on offer. Hackware preinstalled, of course…


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