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Vlip is an Instagram for your iPhone-shot video clips

The wave of iPhone apps that let you apply filters to your photos then share them – Instagram and Picplz being two of the most popular – has led to an explosion in retro-look pics popping up on Twitter and Facebook. Now get set for the same to happen for videos.

Vlip is a new, free app that lets you apply one of eight effects to your iPhone-shot videos: Reverse, Slow-mo, Fast Forward, Old Film, X-Ray, Black & White, Vibrant Color and Sparkles. You can then add text, and share the results via email or Facebook.

There’s a limit of 60-seconds per clip, although you can create and share as many as you like. Videos are also hosted on the Vlipmixer website, although you can choose to make them public or private at the point of sharing.

We can imagine some creative results, although we’d like to see support added for Twitter and YouTube too. Vlip certainly won’t be the last app offering these kinds of features, so the key will be how quickly it adds new features, and whether it attracts a big audience faster than those rivals.


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