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Vodafone explains network outage following break-in

Vodafone has denied rumours that yesterday’s network outage left millions of customers without voice and data services, calling them “grossly exaggerated”

“Several hundred thousand customers may have been affected,” said a Vodafone spokesperson

Vodafone has also said that loss of service was restricted to very specific areas of the country, with the M4 corridor bearing the brunt of outage.

CNET however, is reporting that people as far away as Hull were losing 3G signal on their iPhones.

Networks have complex systems in place to deal with heavy data traffic and massive numbers of voice calls. But the burglary of equipment at a Vodafone building in Basingstoke between 1am and 2am on Monday has left the network struggling to return service to normal.

Hampshire police are currently investigating the theft of “specialist network equipment and IT hardware” from the Basingstoke technical facility.

Traffic-shaping measures would normally be put in place to deal with a sudden change of data and voice in a network in order to maintain quality of service. The break-in however has left Vodafone with a totally unexpected change to equipment.

Check this post on Vodafone’s forums to report any network issues you might be having.


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