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Vodafone launches mobile Wi-Fi in the UK

Vodafone has snuck out a mobile Wi-Fi device for UK users. The handy pocket-sized gizmo allows up to five devices to connect to a mobile Wi-Fi signal when you’re out and about – handsets, iPads, laptops, whatever you fancy. Mobile Wi-Fi is pretty useful for making FaceTime calls in the wild, we discovered.

Vodafone is also promising long battery life from the Huawei-made Wi-Fi connector; up to four hours non-stop use can be garnered from one charge which isn’t quite a working day but we’ll survive.

If you’re thinking that this all sounds a little familiar, then you’re right; Vodafone is now offering the same service we’ve been enjoying from 3’s MiFi. Unlike 3, Vodafone is only offering it’s portable Wi-Fi on 18-month contracts – so no pay as you go or monthly contracts.

It’s also a little pricier to go with Vodafone; you’ll have to shell out for the hardware on all contracts up to £25, whereas you can pick up the 3 MiFi dongle for free on an 18-month 1GB contract for £9.50 a month.

Still, mobile Wi-Fi is on the up so the more manufacturers and networks getting involved, the merrier.


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