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Vodafone launches new Tab prime 6 4G tablet

Vodafone has unveiled its new Tab prime 6, a 9.6-inch tablet armed with Android Lollipop and a 4G antenna, so you can use it to stream your favourite TV shows and movies on the hoof.

The device features a 9.6-inch IPS display running at 1280 x 800, which should do your media justice, and it also sports a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 410 chip along with 1GB RAM, which should give it enough poke to keep up with the rigours of intense media streaming and web browsing.

You’ll also find 16GB of storage included and a microSD slot that will take cards up to 32GB in capacity. Naturally these aren’t mind-blowing specs, but it’s certainly better than nothing, and there’s a 4,600mAh cell which should provide solid battery life too.

Perhaps the biggest selling points for the tablet are its connectivity credentials. It sports an LTE radio on top of support for 3G services, and it also offers up dual band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1 and an IR to peruse your television, sans remote control.

If you’re into snapping photos or filming video on a tablet, you’ll find a 5-megapixel primary shooter on the Tab prime 6 and a 2-megapixel selfie effort, which should be sufficient for casual use. Should you intend on taking the device to a concert or sports event however, you might be disappointed – and rightfully so, after all, who takes a tablet to such and event? A lemon, that’s who.

Packing Android Lollipop also grants the device intelligent new features such as SmartLock, which will afford you the option to automatically unlock the prime 6 when paired with your trusted devices; think smartwatches or Bluetooth headphones. It’s a small feature, but it’s definitely one which we’ve found ourselves grateful for in the past.

Vodafone has marked the device with a £150 price tag for PAYG customers and that will include 6GB of 4G data, which makes it a pretty attractive option for those of us with a soul-draining commute who might not want to get tied down to another contract on top of our phone.

If you’re fine with signing your name on another agreement you’ll be able to snag the device for just £17 a month with an up-front cost of £19 – though that will only include 1GB data, which you’ll chew through in minutes on 4G, so tread carefully.


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