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Vodafone phones can tether with free inclusive data, network also adds cheap international roaming data

Vodafone has revealed its new price plans, starting today, allowing users to tether with their standard monthly tariff, and the data included with that.

Previously, Vodafone customers had to pay for an additional data bundle to tether their phone’s 3G connection to laptops and other WiFi devices.

Existing Vodafone customers can move across to the new tariffs starting today- providing it costs the same or more than their previous plan, but should check your current tariff and the new one, as it will vary depending on the model.

New tariffs for tethering

A spokesperson for Vodafone told us that for a 16GB iPhone 4, free on the (new) £40 per month tariff, users get exactly the same amount of free minutes and 750MB of data (which can now be used for tethering) as the old one, but with even more access to the BT Openzone chain of WiFi hotspots. In fact, you’ll get double, with the data limit increased from 1 to 2GB.

We had to double check, and yes, it does look like you’re getting more for nothing if you switch across to the new tariff; more WiFi data, and the ability to tether your phone’s connection to your tariff’s inclusive data.

On Vodafone’s exclusive-on-launch HTC Sensation, a £35 per month contract inches up to £36, but again you’ll get that extra WiFi data allowance on BT Openzone.

The new prices, for new and existing customers, can be seen in detail on Vodafone’s site, and will vary depending on your phone. Extra bundles can also be added for data addicts, starting at £5 for 500MB of data, or £15 for 2GB. (Previously, bundles for tethering your iPhone cost £10 for 1GB, or £15 for 1.5GB.)

You can also pay for data ad-hoc, but this’ll set you back £5 per 250MB.

Roaming data renovations

Vodafone added another nice touch for jet-setting smartphone types; if you’re paying £40 or over per month on contract, you’ll get a free 25MB per day roaming data allowance. (For a month that totals around 750MB.)

This covers a whole host of countries in Europe- check here to see which countries are included.

If paying less than £40 per month, a special data bundle for £10 per month (rolling contract) will give you that 25MB per day across a whole month while if you just want a few days; it’ll cost you £2 per day.

Source: Vodafone

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