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Vodafone snags exclusivity over the gold Samsung Galaxy S5 in the UK

We’re less than a month away from the Samsung Galaxy S5 touching down in stores across the country and depending on where you go, you might be able to pick up something special.

The gold iPhone 5S was deemed the cream of the crop when Apple unveiled the new colour option late last year and now Samsung’s trying its hand at attracting gold lovers with a Copper Gold Galaxy S5. To clarify, we’re not talking about the type of gold measured in carats here, that sort of finish is reserved for the wonderfully ostentatious special edition HTC One we encountered in October, (which cost a cool £2750).

Gold Samsung Galaxy S5

If you’re based in Blighty like we are, head down to your nearest Vodafone store come April 11th as the network has bagged exclusivity over the brightest and boldest-looking S5 of the bunch. The golden finish emphasises the ‘modern glam’ look, which Samsung’s James White explains is what the company’s design team was going for with its latest flagship.

“I think design is still one of the most important purchase decision-makers that we hear from our consumers,” he said. “We’ve evolved the design with the Galaxy S5 so that it follows on naturally from the Galaxy S4 but, we’ve also introduced some new elements.”

So does the Midas touch make the Galaxy S5 any more desirable in your eyes? Vodafone is kicking off its pre-orders for the phone come the end of the month on March 28th and availability is expected across the board from around April 11th.

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