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Vodafone Smart Prime 7 unboxing and hands-on review

Vodafone Smart Prime 7 unboxing: After the success of last year’s Smart Prime 6, can Vodafone recreate the same strong value proposition with its 2016 follow-up, the Smart Prime 7? We unbox it to see how it stacks up on first impressions.

If you’ve ever come across one of Vodafone’s own-brand smartphones, you know that the company opts for a no-frills approach to its packaging, but nonetheless ensures that you’ve got everything you need to get up and running quickly.

The Smart Prime 7 comes in a simple cardboard box that’s for the most part print free, with the exception of an enlarged picture of the Prime 7 on the front, some of the phone’s key specs marked down the side and a URL linking to the phone’s product page on Vodafone’s website.

Slicing the tabs and pulling up the lid reveals the phone itself, layered with a Vodafone screen protector that again highlights key aspects of the Prime 7’s hardware as well as making mention of its 4G functionality. The phone boasts a lightly textured removable plastic back that reveals a non-removable, but capacious 2540mAh battery, as well as a SIM slot designed to accommodate a micro SIM and a microSD card slot to expand upon the phone’s conservative 8GB of internal storage.

The back is also where you’ll find the phone’s promising 8-megapixel camera, which is twinned to a single LED flash, whilst a 5-megapixel front-facing snapper resides above the phone’s 5-inch 720p HD IPS LCD. The screen pushes out decent brightness and accurate colours face on, with notable, although not terrible drop-off on both fronts should the viewing angle shift.

Despite it’s plastic back, the rest of the phone feels decidedly more premium with surface glass on the front that curves away at the edges and knurled metal hardware controls along the sides. It’s worth noting that the Prime 7 comes in black and white, with the latter featuring gold accents in place of the black version’s gunmetal grey accents.

Back to the box and the next thing you’re presented with in the phone’s warranty information and quick-start guide, banded by a card loop. Underneath the bumpff you’re left with the a standard USB power adapter, a colour-matched microUSB lead, and some cheap looking, but nonetheless useful headphones, which feature a lapel clip and in-line microphone and one-button remote for media control and answering/ending calls.

The Smart Prime 7 is available from Vodafone on Pay As You Go for just £75, making it a serious contender in the affordable smartphone space. Stay tuned for a full review soon.


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