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Vodafone Smart: What’s in the box?

Our Vodafone Smart review model has just arrived and we’ve given it our usual What’s In the Box? deconstructo-treatment.

The Vodafone Smart is a super-tiny, super-inexpensive Android 2.2 touchscreen phone. It’s such a waif that it makes the HTC Wildfire S look like a biggie in comparison. It’ll also cost £70 when it arrives on Vodafone pay-as-you-go, so it (literally) won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Additionally, when you place an order for your Smart, you can also choose from a number of battery cover designs, or upload your own design, allowing for extra personalisation. Wait ‘til you see what’s on the back of ours… More details on exactly how you go about doing that coming soon.

Much like last year’s Vodafone 845, the Vodafone Smart is made by Huawei. You can read our review of that phone here while we get on with tackling the Smart.

Until then, have a gander through our hands-on pics and see how the Vodafone Smart shapes up.

The Vodafone Smart, aka the Vodafone 858, is very pocket-friendly. Here it is compared to your average train ticket.

The Vodafone Smart’s microUSB connection, sitting at the bottom of the phone. The four typical Android controls – Home, Menu, Back, Search –

The Smart’s pretty barren in terms of external controls – just a power switch on the top and this silver strip volume rocker here on the right hand side. Now, prepare for something awesome on the back…

Tah-dah! Pretty nice right? You’ll be able to plaster your own design on the back when you buy one or choose from a range of designs when you order.

The camera is a 2-megapixeler and as you can see, doesn’t come with a flash. For £70 though its not exactly fair to expect a dual xenon or something. A 3.5mm connection and the power button also sit up top here.

The combination USB cable plus mains adapter that’s now standard with pretty much every phone we see these days. Remember the good old times of proprietary chargers and connections?

The supplied headphones are pretty nice, but basic. The control unit houses a single mute button and nothing else.

The Vodafone Smart’s inner gubbins on display. Our model came with a 2GB microSD card, held snugly in place by that little blue strip of plastic. The SIM slot is just above the metal SD holder, with an arched shape cut into the plastic for easy removal.

The Smart with it’s battery in place. We’re going to crack on with our review now, so stay tuned for that and for more info about how to personalise those battery covers.


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