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Walkers announce new scannable crisp packets with live weather reports

Good news for people in the part of the Venn diagram where “likes Walkers crisps” meets “needs an up-to-the-minute weather forecast”: Walkers have announced that for the next three months, smartphone users in London will be able to check the weather for the day by scanning the Walkers logo on the back of their Walkers crisp packet with their phones’ cameras, all through a new augmented reality app called Blippar.

But it’s not just space-age crisp packets that the tech will work with; it’s reportedly any Walkers logo you happen to stumble across on your daily wanderings. Whether on crisp packaging or billboards, Blippar will recognise the Walkers logo and boot up the weather app when it does so. There’s even an option to tweet and Facebook your weather report, for Facebookers so engrossed they’re unable to tear themselves away from social networking to visit, you know, a weather site.

We’re going to ignore the million-or-so apps already available for smartphones of all classes and creeds, the free web weather services available to phone users with 3G connections (everyone) online, and the fact that we don’t generally need an app to predict the weather in London between October and January – scanning information right off of products is a stepping stone to the Blade Runner future we’re all waiting for. Go Walkers.

Link: Blippar


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