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Want fast-loading web-pages? Android phones trounce iPhones – depending on the test.

After a hefty 45,000 speed tests between Android and iPhone web browsers, the results are in. The winner; Android. On average 52% faster than its Apple rival, a 2.1 seconds per site load, compared to 3.2 seconds on an iPhone.

Now we’re sure some of you think a second isn’t that much of a deal, but when it comes to hopping around the web, we think this a substantial difference. Or perhaps we’re simply impatient.

Another conclusion from Blaze software’s tests was that Android was consistently faster on 84% of the websites tested. Bizarrely, the latest version of the iPhone’s software, iOS 4.3 was slower than 4.2 (but we’re talking miliseconds now.)

Testing was done on phones at the top of their game; an iPhone 4 with iOS 4.3, and a Google Nexus S running Android 2.3, and all done over WiFi.

Source: Blaze

Via: Gizmodo

UPDATE: So Blaze’s testing didn’t take into account the iPhone web-browser, Safari, and plenty of people are sceptical of their results for several reasons, like @CharlesArthur who called us on it. We’ve adjusted the amount of salt we’re taking alongside this article. Well worth reading the comments section for the nitty-gritty.


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